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Country roots and traveling many tracks give great life experiences anyone. Lee, born and raised in country Victoria, grew up in a country music family. He knows his roots. From age 12, he played drums and sang harmonies in his dad’s country band.  Lee’s parents both toured with Slim Dusty in the early 70’s.

Lee has been singing, playing lead guitar, writing songs and taking the necessary steps to help hone his country music career for over 20  years. Lee has performed all over the country. From  B&S Balls at  Daley Waters, NT to the Kalgoorlie Race Round, WA  and up to Mudbulls and Music in QLD. This traveling lifestyle has allowed Lee to meet and see all types of characters and great geographic icons of Australia.

It has given him armfuls of songs and concepts and a great understanding of how great this country is. He has performed with well known acts, like Camille Te-Nahu and Stuie French, the Sunny Cowgirls,

Col Finley, Lee and Tania Kernaghan, Travis Sinclair, Troy Casser-Daley and numerous others. With his down to earth sense of humor and awesome sense of fun, many clubs, pubs and festivals book Lee on their roster.  Lee loves his country music and his live shows cover everyone from Slim Dusty to Brad Paisley.

2002, Lee released his first professionally recorded EP, Kimberley Gold. The song titled ‘Kimberley Gold’ was written for the Kimberley Diamond Company and the company still uses the song all over the world in their promotional presentations.

2005, Lee’s second release was a 7 track mini album titled ‘The Way He Rolls His Swag’. The Title track ‘The Way He Rolls His Swag’ was inspired by the R.M. Williams novel ‘Beneath Whose Hand’.  Lee wrote the song whilst touring with Brian Young, and  6 other great musicians, all over the Northern Territory and WA. They lived out of tucker Boxes, swags and two Troop carriers, and visited many Aboriginal Communities and venues on their 7 month tour. “The Way he Rolls His Swag” won Lee the Male Rising Star Award at the Mildura Independent Awards in 2006 and was his first Top 5 Hit. The second single from this EP ‘A Fire in the Bar’ hit number 4 on the Australian top 30 country charts. It won him the Male Vocal award at the 2007 TIARAs.  Also during 2007, Lee was a top 3 grand finalist in the coveted ‘Coopers Golden Saddle Awards’.

In 2008, Lee released his first full album titled ‘KEEP SAFE ON THE TRACK’. With good mate Stuie French as producer, they’ve spent a good 6 months working on the songs and putting together an album that best represents Lee’s character. Lee wrote 10 of the 14 songs. The songs are a culmination of many years playing country music and traveling Australia. Most of the original songs are true stories and

are from experiences Lee has seen or been a part of.  The title track ‘KEEP SAFE ON THE TRACK’ sums up Lee’s story in a nutshell. It originates from his parents, who always told him to look after himself while out on the road traveling. It was also a reminder that you are always welcome home anytime. It became more heartfelt, as it was one of the songs played at his Father’s funeral when he passed away 1 week before the Tamworth Festival release.  The first Single‘1000 Headlights’ was played on radio and gained huge airplay, making Top 5 on the charts. The second single ‘THE GOOD TONES’, is an awesome duet with Travis Sinclair and stayed at NUMBER 2 for 3 weeks.

Longnecks and Rednecks” is the title to Lees latest album. This album is a fun drinking songs album produced by Stuie French and Lee. It is also a duet album with Stuie.

Both fellas are traditionalists when it comes to country music, who love the old stuff, especially Merle Haggard, George Jones, Buck Owens and Slim Dusty. .

So “Longnecks and Rednecks” is simple. Longnecks for the drinking and rednecks are some of these great old singers who had some real redneck songs back when.  You will also find there is a little bit of Redneck in both Lee and Stuie

Longnecks and Rednecks has already produced two top 30 hits with “Barroom Buddies” and a song Lee wrote “ A Quiet night in”.So look out for “Longnecks and Rednecks” coming to a Barroom near YOU!

‘Only country act touring Australia with a Pedal Steel Player and a Whip cracker.’

Some Facts about Lee Forster

Winner - Male Vocal, 2007 Tamworth Independent Awards.

Grand Finalist in the 2007 top 3 Coopers Golden Saddle awards.

Winner of Best New Songwriter at the Tamworth Songwriters

Association awards 2006.

Winner of Male Rising Star at the 2006 Australian Country Music

Independent awards (Mildura).

2002 Top Ten Starmaker Grandfinalist

2001 CMAA Graduate of the Australian Country Music College

In the Country Charts TOP 30

ELEVEN Top 30 hits

SEVEN Top Ten Hits

FIVE Top 5 Hits

His song ‘A Fire in the Bar’ remained at No. 4 for 5 weeks on the Country Charts.

“The Good Tones’ (Featuring Travis Sinclair) stayed at No.2

for 4 weeks. ‘The Good Tones’ was also number FIVE on the Top 50

Biggest Radio Hits for 2008.


Awards and Radio Hits