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Friday 28th Sep til Sun 7th Oct


Mildura Victoria


G’day my country music friends.

Lock in Mildura Country Music Festival 28th Sept to Oct 7th.

It is Winter very soon. Well where I am (Karratha, WA) it is the Dry season. So, for me its still low 30’s and beautiful sunsets everynight.

Firstly this month, Id like to thank everyone who helped organise the ‘The Country Wanderers’ reunion show at the Boolarra Community Hotel Pub, Victoria, Sunday April 22nd.

Tim Ryan (aka Truckin with Tim) and his lovely wife Kathy, had done a lot of behind the scenes work for us with their great committee and the community of Boolarra. It was an awesome day of traditional country music.  Thanks to Ron, Laurie and Bill Armstrong for putting a huge effort in learning songs and making the band sound awesome. We got so many comments, that we should be gigging as a band again. Also thanks to Thomas and Tessa (Destiny) band for doing a wonderful job on the sound.  It was wonderful to see Melinda Johnston and family as well as Maria Bennadetti, who both sang awesomely. It truly was a wonderful day of music and great memories. I’m pretty sure there will be another one next year.

As stated in the opening line, lock in the Mildura Country Music Festival.

My band and I have been booked to perform and back many artists once again. Mildura festival, as many would know, is my favourite festival. We play every day, at various venues and get a different array of artists every night/day to play for. I see there are some great regulars as well as some new faces. So it’ll be a heap of fun once again.

I’m very excited to be doing a tribute to Ricky Skaggs this year as part of the tribute shows. I loved his traditional country tunes that he released in the 80s. Along with Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Don Williams and George Jones, Ricky Skaggs was and is one of my biggest influences.  I now have the challenge of picking which songs to sing as we get half an hour (7songs without chatting lol) and Ricky had about 12 number one hits. I can’t wait.

Some good news .As I have mentioned over the past 8 months or so, two of my great friends and band members, Bruce and Nic had been unwell. The good news is they are both doing well and are on the mend. Hopefully we’ll get together someday and do a gig together again soon. It was wonderful catching up with them when I was in Victoria in April.

Hope everyone is well, and please don’t hesitate to say G’day. As I’ve said before, I’m not on facebook or twinstagramchat, so if you want to drop a line you’ll have to do it the easy way, via txt, email or call. The numbers on my website are mine directly.

Keep warm and I look forward to chatting soon.

Keep safe on the Track

Lee Forster

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